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God is Better than Santa Claus: A Book for Adults


This book by our own Sr. Christine Kresho is meant to help people of faith to grow into an adult belief in a God of unconditional love.

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5 December 2022: we’ve ordered more copies of this title, but they may not get to us before Christmas.  

Author: Sister Christine Kresho’s book 

Our first image of God probably grew out of the prime reward-punishment model of our childhood. Being good guaranteed that Santa Claus would reward us with the gifts we requested. Our naughty behavior brought the threat of coal in our stocking. This quid-pro-quo arrangement made sense of our world and easily translated into our image of God. A Santa-God promised heaven as a reward for our good deeds. Purgatory and hell fulfilled the punishment requirement. How do we grow into an adult belief in a God of unconditional love?

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