Sisters of St. Joseph, Baden, Pennsylvania

Poetry Chapbook: Claiming Light and Darkness


“Doesn’t your heart leap at what the unexpected winter light reveals. . .”

In this collection of poetry, Sister Sally Witt “addresses the sun, light, darkness, and the four seasons as ‘dear’ friends,” writes one reviewer. 

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The poems in Claiming Light and Darkness don’t try to paint pictures of nature, even when they describe surprising glimpses of it in ordinary places.  They simply discover nature as they reach into the depth of darkness and light that together are essential for life.  In this small collection each hour and season respond to a unique angle of the sun.  Every hour of day and night offers a particular light and darkness, always with its own beauty, its own certain gift.

Sally Witt is from Pittsburgh and has lived much of her life in western Pennsylvania, particularly in towns defined by industry and its demise.  Her work as a historian has included researching and writing the histories of three congregations of women religious.  Sally is a Sister of St. Joseph of Baden and currently lives in Ambridge, PA.


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